Through our easy-to-use interface you can intelligently control and automate virtually any home function.

Now that you can control virtually anything, you get to decide how you want to control them: a remote, a keypad, a touch screen… And yes, some come with cameras, too!

What is home control?

With more and more smart electronics playing a central role in our everyday lives, you’d think they’d be making life easier. But with so many different technology formats—Blu-ray, Bluetooth, MP3, WMV, HD, 3D, iWhatever and whatever’s-coming-next—things are getting more cluttered and complicated, not more convenient. Wouldn’t life be better if everything worked together?

At Control4, we’re making it simple and affordable for you to intelligently control virtually any device in your home—from TVs to thermostats, door locks to DVRs— no matter where you are, using one easy-to-use interface. This is intelligent home control. A genius idea, indeed.

Control4® solutions are: 
• Very affordable and cost effective
• Easy to install, no major construction required
• Simple to use, right from a TV, touch screen or remote control
• Flexible, start small and add more control as time and budget allow
• Compatible in new and older homes
• Limited only by your imagination

Through our easy-to-use interface you can intelligently control and automate virtually any home function.

That’s genius!

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