Whole Home Audio

SmartCanada can bring audio of the highest quality, intensity and clarity to every room of your home.

wholeaudio-small-290X254¬†Whole home audio distributes music to various zones in your home such as your den, kitchen, bedrooms and even the backyard. Typical installations house most of the equipment in one location, such as a media closet, while wiring is hidden behind walls and ceilings. Using sources like an iPod, satellite radio, CD players and internet radio, music can fill your home with the kind of music genres you and your family enjoy. Play Rock in the kid’s room. Jazz in the den. Soft Rock in the kitchen.

And if you entertain outside, you can even extend your system to the outdoors with weather resistent speakers that blend into the environment while providing a clean, powerful sound.

With intuitive interfaces, our controls will make choosing your music in any room, a snap.