Control4 Launches Panelized Lighting Solution Complete with Elegant New Wired Keypads

New Control4 Wired Keypads and Panelized Lighting Solution.

Control4, a leader in IP-based home automation systems, announces new Control4® Wired Keypads along with the availability of its new Control4® Panelized Lighting Solution. Designed to provide all the power and beauty of central lighting combined with seamless integration into Control4® automation systems, this new solution enables one-touch control of entertainment, security, HVAC and more. The Control4 panelized lighting solutions deliver a robust, yet simplified lighting infrastructure to environments where standard, in-wall wireless switches and dimmers aren’t ideal due to aesthetic or construction requirements.
The Control4 Wired Keypads add style and elegance to custom lighting installations for homes and businesses. A Euro-style square (UK) keypad is available in 3, 4, and 6 button configurations, and a Decora® style (US) keypad comes with a completely customizable button kit. By ordering a single SKU, dealers will have the ability to simply pop in keycaps to create multi-button keypads of varying configurations to personalize the functionality and design that best aligns with their customers’ needs. Both Euro and Decora® –style keypads offer backlit buttons and optional personalized engraving. The Decora® version also features light sensors to automatically adjust the keypad backlight and status LED brightness based on the ambient light in the room.
control4_panelized_entire_suite The new Control4 Panelized Lighting solution incorporates the latest residential and commercial lighting advances and enables complete, discreet control over whole-home and commercial lighting systems via the new sophisticated keypads and touch screen interfaces, rather than the traditional collection of electrical load-bearing switches on every wall. The new 8-channel, Control4 Adaptive Phase Dimmer module includes automatic, adaptive phase control technology to support new technologies such as dimmable fluorescent, CFL’s and LED sources as well as legacy light sources such as incandescent, halogen, and low voltage. The Control4 Panelized Lighting solution effectively controls LED lighting loads, which are rapidly replacing incandescent and halogen lights as an energy-saving alternative.

“New construction and large renovation projects are returning in many of our markets. We are confident our worldwide Control4 Dealer network will embrace our new, advanced lighting products, which are sure to win over discriminating homeowners, designers, architects and builders,” said Martin Plaehn, Control4 CEO. “Our new solution addresses the complex lighting needs of today and tomorrow — integrating rich support of LED and CFL with our adaptive technology, ensuring that dealers will have the flexibility built-in to integrate with the lighting advances to come.”

Supporting 110-volt to 277-volt applications, the Control4 Panelized Lighting solution is ideal for both upscale residential installations and commercial environments worldwide. Control4 Certified Dealers will be able to easily create the lighting scenes and programs, as well as configure network settings and load profiles for panelized lighting installations using the award-winning Composer Pro software they use to configure all other Control4 automation experiences. Dealers will have access to powerful, yet easy-to-use programming capabilities within Composer Pro for advanced lighting scene ramping, fading, and delays, and sophisticated scene management.

The Control4 Panelized Lighting solution product line includes:

• Control4® 8-Channel Relay Module
• Control4® 8-Channel Dimmer Module
• Control4® 8-Channel 0-10V Dimmer Module
• Control4® 8-Port Ethernet Switch Module
• Control4® Bus Ethernet Gateway
• Control4® Bus Power Supply
• Control4® 2-Slot Panel
• Control4® 5-Slot Panel
• Control4® Terminal Blocks

The Control4 Wired Keypads will make their debut at ISE in Amsterdam from January 29-31, 2013. The Panels and Terminal Blocks for the Panelized Lighting solution will be available for order immediately, with Modules and Keypads available in Q2 2013.

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